This initiative to collect all possible material from the media, from testimonies of cured people, doctors challenging the WHO, military and law enforcement institutions, applying the basic formula of chlorine dioxide, was initiated by me, Hector Gonzalo and a group of brave people who with almost all the general public against it, we decided to bring this path of healing demonstrated by Andreas Kalcker to the most remote corners of the planet and Jim Humble for many years.

For this to be possible, platforms like this need to multiply online (thousands if possible).

Looking to facilitate this quick way of spreading, I have decided to make it possible for those who organize themselves to download this platform and the videos just for the cause of Andreas Kalcker and install it on their own servers, creating greater security that this is not for anyone.

I REPEAT, only for the cause of Kalcker, it will not be possible to propagandize outside this cause, our robots will permanently visit every single platform installed.

The cost is almost nothing; everything is used to continue to increase information channels.

You don't have to know about programming, not even recording videos, all it will take is a person (guys and adults who say they make websites know how to install) to install the website, a simple WordPress, a super known platform in the middle, rent a space in a service provider and now! A new broadcast point is created.

The monthly cost for your server costs is ridiculously cheap (I have rented a space on a server in England where you pay $3.00 YES, $3 for a year, I have proof of that), and the one-time cost (paid once) to get the platform is extremely small, which is necessary as development is being very professional and will need to cover that cost.

Whoever or persons (if they join groups) will have the list of all who registered people, owned by those using the platform.

For our part we deliver for use, not gift or code sale.

-The modified WordPress is just installing it

-Procedure manual for installing and adding videos.

-Procedure manual for installing and adding videos.

-The videos we recorded, available on NetworkWealthClub, all the videos can be downloaded, then you will have to upload them to your servers

-Website translation package in up to 40 languages. The package is free, as we progress, the audio of each video will be shown in text below each video.

The visitor chooses some language and then runs the videos and can understand what the video says in the language in which it was recorded.

The translation cost is very low and is paid only once. Every time you choose a language you will display the translation already done. No translation required.

(Every 250,000 translated characters $10, covers and supersedes all current videos)

-Chat International, with more than 30+ languages, you write in your native language and the visitor in their native language. ( 250,000 characters account is used at $10). Each owner of the site will be the chat administrator and will be able to have simultaneous conversations with 10, 15, 20 visitors.

-We offer you a package of online tools at NetworkWealthClubfor the dissemination of this and other websites you need. The package is free, The consume can have cost. It's all explained.

-We will be providing permanent new versions of this platform

Think this MORE VOICES PROGRAM is oriented towards the ANDREAS KALCKER cause, there are rules that I will gladly explain

Write to my WhatsApp +17472428445, the word MAS VOCES or MORE VOICES.

The initial cost can slightly exceed $100, and then you only have the monthly server cost that, as I said, can be ridiculously accessible.

If you use translation to read the content, a language other than English please read the following:


Machine Neural Translation is the process of using computer software to translate text from one natural language to another. Machine Translation is best used to grasp the general context of the original text and is not intended to replace human translators. Network Wealth Club will make reasonable efforts to provide accurate translations. However, Network Wealth Club cannot guarantee the accuracy of the converted text nor are we liable for any resulting issues. The translations provided are automated and may contain errors. Any individual or entity that obtains information from this translation service does so at his or her own risk. Network Wealth Club will not be responsible for loss or damages arising from its use. Any discrepancies or differences created in the translation are not binding and have no legal effect for compliance or enforcement purposes.

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