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The videos below show the functions for the visiting public of these NON-CENSORABLE and highly organized video platforms that bring with them a business for those who acquire and use them for their commercial management.


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To all who visit us, welcome.

Our plan has been since ever:

Now you can see our plans in development on this website,where we will be updating all the plans described here and new ideas.—1 Professional video platform ( that cannot be censored with multiple features, one of them is content translation, including video audio in up to 57 languages and even for e-commerce. Donate this entire platform with its code to those individuals and entities that prove to be fighting for the sake of humanity.

—2 Save lives.

—3 To raise awareness of the population.

—4 Economic recovery for each family

—5 To teach to be self-sufficient in food production

—6 Create electrical power generators that produce free energy

they do not pollute, they do not use any fuel, they do not have mechanical or mobile parts. that the energy is extracted from the space around all the things you can see in your environment, present in all the vastness of the cosmos. black energy, it is not perceived by our senses.

—7 To produce generators of drinking water extracted from thin-air humidity. Generators that produce water even in the driest deserts.

Completed and in walking points

We have reached points —1 and —2 and —3, still working on them, are open to continue.

We are about to go out to the public with the point —4 and get ready for the others.

All this technological, social and communications effort has been afforded by Ms. Socorro Trejo and Hector Gonzalo (me), of their own money. We have practically had no financial support of any kind and you can see that what we promised we are fulfilling.

Every day there are more videos with very important evidence to save humanity from the scourge of these monsters that are trying to reduce the population with sterility and kill our elders, and, making us controllable and manageable under penalty of death for those dissidents. (As long as vaccines let them think yet)

With the functions of the platform, in translation and chat in up to 55 languages we are waking up villages that have no information. Anyone in any country will be able to ask questions, you will understand it and will be able to answer in your language.

Every day our costs increase

Those who can donate US$5, or more, can get several people together to accomplish it; will be making it possible for us to reach millions. Our servers support millions of people in web traffic, we have no limit. With Ms. Socorro Trejo and the writer, we have an online company that we have put on pause (the same company that we will offer you in point —4), to form the aid groups and what we need to achieve noble ideals of many people.

Whatever your contribution will be projected for those noble ideals.

We are not part of any entity, or partidism, we are free of thought and action, and, we are in favor of life and of all humanity, we love our planet and we willcontinue, with or without help.

But it will not be the same in speed and efficiency.

Those who can donate visit this page:

or you can do it right here

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Thank you

Hector Gonzalo/Socorro Trejo


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