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5G Antenna Locations

It is happening around the world, as we prepare to die; free men and women took the bull by the horns and are operating with these illegal facilities.

I wonder, are there not among us men capable of imitating them? At least with a lot of cunning and decision, the evidences of the conflicts with our tissues and internal fluids are overwhelming, what are we going to expect? If these weapons of death also work with us?

That the corrupt and murderers, the government and the forces, know that with these 2 or 3 generations that we are walking the planet they will not be able to. We are millions and they just a tiny fraction. The laws are written, they do not comply, the constitution was passed through the lining, and almost not even the bible works.


Today, now, we need to know the location of each 5G antenna that can radiate deadly bursts of electromagnetic radiation, decompensating our immune system and altering the nature of our organs. It is mortal, life or death, there is no middle ground. Knowing the location of each one in each block, neighborhood, town, city, province, state or country we can do something to stop this weapon of war that it is only possible to think that it will be used for innocent peoples blaming a pandemic that does not exist, in heads of true murderers of our peoples.

Use the googlemap application, you approach the antenna and share with a whatsapp the position where you are, then you copy the link pasted in the whatsapp and then, already entered into your account, you paste it in the field to record it. You have to register and keep your password that will arrive by text to your cell phone.

Here below choose your country and you can see the antennas recorded so far, we urgently need everyone's collaboration. Thanks

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