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With the extreme situation where we might find ourselves if food supply chains stop, it's better to think of winter when it's summer, the saying goes. Today maybe we're in a position to collect food, not in tin or needing a cold, energy may also be missing, I’ve looked for the way for my brothers around the world to have some way to defend themselves and be able to keep food prepared for years to come. I went to the web and find some companies that already explain how food dehydration is done, and you'll see that they can be saved for months and years if necessary.

You’ll see on the pages that I’ve downloaded that some of the items listed there are sales from these companies, but there are photos of how to lay out the pieces of fruit, vegetables, and meats to dehydrate them. always search for information that is useful to them, you will also find links that don't lead to any pages, but this page , which we are interested in conserving food, yes, they are separated in additional links. The full construction of these pages is still underway, but you can already figure out how to keep food prepared for a long time.

They also note that they refer a lot to food to take out camp, to go camping is an extreme situation and this kind of self-defense is for this situation, so you have to turn to experts.

In order to be able to offer translation, I had to download these pages on our servers, I have respected the companies that offer dehydration systems, products and/or services, not by marketing them, but by paying perhaps for the work they did. We do not endorse any companies or suggest any products they can sell. Our intention is for those who are interested to get the information that, you see, is made by specialists in the field.

Each page has a button so that, whatever the language you choose, it can be downloaded on your cellphones and/or printed to save the information.

Something I advise if for some reason I have to get them out of the air.

We are a group of small businessmen who decide to give up what we know in the help of those who do not know, cannot and have been left behind by their corrupt rulers. All in defense of those who have the least. The economic effort we are making is very big for our resources but we have to do something, you can't leave people without a guide for extreme cases.

I ask those who can raise $5 dollars, among others if necessary and make a donation, it can be once or monthly.

We have big projects on the go and all those collaborators will have a privileged place in the coming.

You can see our action plan here: where the photo of MS. Socorro and mine is.

Here you can make the donation effective:

Advise: some people tell me why? they can't donate, it's okay you don't need to tell me. Only those who are sensitive to our work and can do it.

We accept bitcoin, you can send to the wallet below, please let us know about your donation with contact details.

Just click on the account and it will be copied for use in your donation.

We will continue to look for more and better methods.

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